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Bumchum is the healthiest disposable diaper available in India!

BumChum brings a unique twist to diapering. It is both a disposable and reusable diaper and is paired with a cute matching top that will not ride up every time you pick up the baby.

Here is what is a part of a typical Bumchum Diaper Cover set

BumChum Cloth Diapers

Bumchum Bdiaper Covers

  • Smart cover in cute designs with soft cotton fabric of the diaper allows the flow of air that helps prevent rashes and growth of bacteria.
  • An ultra-soft detachable waterproof pouch that holds the nappy pad. This attaches inside the cover .Does not require pants or any waterproof layer
  • A 120ml soft polyester reusable nappy pad. The fabric is 'stay dry' so your baby doesn't feel the wetness or get rashes
Matching T-shirts with BumChum Cloth Diapers

Matching Tshirts or Tops

  • 100 % soft cotton with ‘envelope’ neck for easy wearing and removal
  • Custom length that doesn’t ride up every time a baby is carried
BumChum Bio Soakers

Bumchum Bio Soakers (Sold Separately)

  • Chemical and bleach free made from nontoxic bamboo fiber making them naturally antibacterial reduce nappy rash
  • Made with wood pulp and partially biodegradable (wet ones only) can be composted with garden waste!
  • Superior gusset ( leg elastic ) design of helps contain the mess and allow for the reuse of the diaper multiple times in the same day
  • Have sticky tabs at the back to secure them to the pouch
Newborn Baby Cloth Nappies

Newborn Baby Nappies:

  • For the extra sensitive skin of new born babies and preemie babies
  • Organic Muslin Nappies made with unbleached 100% organic muslin fabric
  • These have an 'umbilical cord snap down' for the first week of use
  • These nappies are secured with our patented design silicone pins that are safe, cute and fun and are easy to use with our newborn diapers