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Stylish Cloth Diapers by BumChum


We’re a small team of young moms and dads doing our bit to make a difference in our own lives and that of ones we touch. We love what we do and always find time to innovate, improve and enjoy.
Before we start anything new we must take it through Socrates three sieves. It affects what we communicate, how we interact with people, and how we care for the world around us.  The philosophy is infused into our intention to bring you carefully designed products that don't break the bank. It is our primary filter on how we evaluate our bottom line
This is what Socrates’ three sieves look like to us:

The first is the sieve of truth
Honesty is a very important part of any business. For us it is a prerequisite for success and we ensure that everything we communicate to you is clear and true to the best of our ability.

The second is the sieve of good. 
We take a lot of pains to ensure everything we create is the best you can get in the truest sense. We focus on finesse and only deal in products that  hold up to our standard of quality. We believe in building a brand that speaks for itself.

The third is the sieve of usefulness
At BumChum we promise to bring in products that improve the health of your baby and also the world we will leave behind for them.

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Rash Free Cloth Diapers