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Babies come in all shapes and sizes, and their comfort is our priority–a diaper too small can be very uncomfortable for the baby while one too big may cause leaks. Which is why it’s very important to buy a diaper that is the correct size.

Diaper sizing chart By Weight & Age

Choose the correct size Bdiaper from the chart below

P.S. this is just an indication and the actual fit may wary depending on the baby

You know the size is not right if:

  1. If you start to see leaks
  2. The elastic around the legs leaves a red mark or waistband is wet and you’ve tried all the troubleshooting tips
  3. If you begin to see red marks where the diaper meets the skin , which indicate the Cover is too tight
  4. You have no room left to expand on the Velcro waistband and baby is being able to open his diaper or the velcro doesn’t hold and is flopping open when the baby is on the move
  5. Your own instinct on the size—which is almost always correct!

Here are some tips to help you decide on the correct size of the Bdiaper

  1. Is case of doubt, sizing by weight is more accurate than by age
  2. Most new-born babies will fit in a Small after 3 months (when their body fills up a bit)
  3. Most babies wear a Medium longer than the other sizes
  4. Some babies move up to a Large around 8-9 months then come back down to Medium when they start to walk and lose some weight around those chubby legs
  5. Most babies will be ready for pants style for potty training after the Large

If you still have doubts about what size will best fit your baby, please contact us with your questions and we’ll make sure your baby is getting the most comfortable fit possible.